Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Summer Parties

Summer is the perfect time to throw a relaxed party, just for fun. Your guests would be thrilled to receive an invitation (like this one from M. Middleton) in the mail

And you could thank them with cute, personalized stationery like this set from the Inviting Company
We have both in store right now! Come in and check out our other lovely invitations and stationery.


  1. We love Inviting Company! We stock a ton of their stuff too. My personal favorites are all their cocktail napkins. The funny sayings...so cute and clever. (not to mention ringing with truth!)

    BTW, you have a nice blog. I'll add it to our "Scriberoll." You wouldn't happen to be on Twitter by any chance too are you? (If you are, do you know about the stationery Twibe? It's a good one to join for more exposure too.)

    Nice to ind you and make your acquaintance!

  2. Yes Inviting Company carries the cutest invitations...that's most of what we carry in stationery. I'm not too familiar with twitter but I will look into that. I'm glad you enjoy our blog! Thanks for the suggestion!